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WHAT CAN WE DO FOR CHARITABLE TRUST. Charitable Trust is not- for- profit organization but it has been seeking to give knowledge to poor, penurious &meritorious students. Those  school will be  run by impositions who are well established professionals in their separate fields and are devoted to the cause of education for the meritorious poor.Those school sought out poor and meritorious pastoral scholars due to poverty and ignorance.As a responsible citizen, every successful person should adopt the ideal of giving back to the society from which they have gained so much. These impositions are from the other world.They unearth intellectual gems from pastoral areas and help them flourish and join the mainstream of nation building.They also ensure that every bit of donation entered reaches the penurious and meritorious scholars.

• By giving foods:Every Sunday the children are served a special lunch,every child receives nutritious snacks and supplements every day.
• By giving them proper Health care:The organises routine health camps and vaccination drives for Typhoid, MMR and Hepatitis B. Every child is provided with a protein mix as a dietary supplement regularly. To assess their overall improvement, the height and weight of each child is recorded at the beginning and end of the academic year.
• By giving them good Mentoring:Professionals from various organizations mentor the senior students.This enables them to gain self confidence and develop employable skills. The senior students also mentor the junior children by teaching and engaging them productively. 
• By giving them community:Financial literacy and independence ensure a strong foundation for building dreams.
• Sports:Physical activity increases self confidence and self esteem in children. Therefore the children engage in activities like Yoga,Karate and Cricket so as to provide a perfect outlet to keep the children active and to give them necessary skills to succeed later in their lives.
• Volunteer:You’re bothered by the staggering level of illiteracy in our country. You would like to help, even if it’s just for a few hours in a day. You come to our office and inquire. We welcome you to join our community, and you find that the children are eager and willing to learn. You’ve never felt so gratified before.
Come join us and tell your story online. You can all make a difference Volunteer speak.
• By giving proper Education:The academic need of every child. In addition to paying their fees and providing school supplies, we assess each child individually to identify core strengths and build independent study skills through our after-school and in-school coaching and mentoring programs.
HOW CAN WE GROW THE CHARITABLE TRUST. 1. By giving facilities of outdoor experience: camps and outdoor education centres – assist in developing leadership skills, social and personal skills, confidence building and health benefits.

2.Facilities adventure and learning centred experiences:trips to other places, cities, events, institutions, that our students and their families could never afford – expose our students to a greater breadth of life experiences, to help them understand their place in the world and their future potential.

3.Facilities of sports uniforms and representative apparel:track suits, travel jackets, team apparel – boost the image and morale of our students as they represent Papakura High School in various fields, whether sports or arts or academic endeavours.

* There are some ways to help the charitable trust is
• By Donating of money to the Trust .

• Donating of goods and services to the School or the Trust.

• Donating of time to the School or the Trust.

• Offers of mentoring or experiences for individuals or groups of students.

• Use your networks to spread the news about the Trust and its goals.

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